Authorized Dealer of Cummins Generators


Power outages happen. Without electricity, you also lose access to heat and air, television, and other necessities. Businesses feel the impact of power outages as well since they cannot operate without electricity. The safety concerns of a power outage also impact everyone at your home or business. The solution is to equip our homes and businesses with generators.

Severe weather is the common culprit of power outages. Storms are common in Birmingham and the heavy rains and winds cause damage. During this time, you are without heat or air, TV, or usage of other items requiring electricity.

Power outages affect households and businesses in many ways. Firstly, they knock out heat and air, leaving those inside to suffer extreme conditions. Power outages affect individuals dependent on oxygen and other life-saving devices as well.

Backup generators provide immediate access to electricity during power outages, eliminating power disruptions. In many situations, disruptions in power are life-threatening without a generator. The backup generator protects your loved ones against medical problems while securing their peace of mind and safety. It’s scary when a weather-related problem causes a power outage.

Backup generators ease some of the fear. We are proud to be an Authorized Dealer for Cummins Generators, allowing us to provide the best generator solutions to our residential and commercial clients.


Residential Generators

home generators

Home generators are mandatory in households with members who depend on oxygen or other life-saving medical devices. When minutes matter, generators provide peace of mind and protection for your loved ones. Other households also benefit from residential generator installation. The satisfaction of knowing you’ll never be without power is second-to-none.

Our residential generators in Birmingham services include:

  • Generator installation
  • Generator repair
  • Generator upgrades
  • Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance service

We install, repair, and maintain generators in Birmingham, Pelham and surrounding communities, regardless of the brand or the age of the generator. What matters is that you have the emergency power needed to protect yourself and loved ones against the dangers that can arise during a power outage.


Commercial Generators

commercial generators

Backup generators keep your business up and running during a power outage. We install power generators for small to large businesses with products to fit every budget and application. We adhere to the unique standards and requirements presented by each business, ensuring satisfactory installation. Our environmentally friendly generators protect your employees, profit, and the environment, too!

Shepherd Electric Company offers generators to accommodate every situation, from light commercial to heavy industrial. Choose from generators that work for standby, prime, or continuous applications and protect your business at a cost affordable to your budget. Additionally, we sell generators from several brands, giving you more options in your emergency power services.



24/7 Emergency Services


When the power goes out in your home or place of business, we’re available 24/7 to facilitate fast and reliable emergency generator services. This includes providing temporary portable generators for emergency needs. This is especially important for business, where it’s crucial that power is always supplied without disruption.

We also provide portable generators during whole-house installation, so power is continuously supplied during installation. Shepherd Electric will also provide a portable generator when the power supply needs to be completely cut off during lengthy electrical or emergency repairs.


Turn-Key Generator Solutions

portable generators

You can count on Shepherd Electric Company to help you stay up and running with our turn-key generator services. We provide both whole house and portable generators to ensure your lights stay on during a power outage.

We are licensed to install your generators from start to finish, providing efficient service and minimum downtime. Keeping it all “in-house” means our team can set up the generator, wire it, coordinate with the utility company, and start your generator. 

Our Turnkey Generator Services Include:

  • Whole-home and portable generator solutions
  • Assist in selecting the right generator and location for install
  • Preparing the site with a pad
  • Delivery and installation
  • Coordinating with the gas/power companies
  • Connecting fuel and electrical lines
  • Pressure testing to ensure everything is working
  • 24/7 emergency services

We have the expertise and resources to take on generator projects of all sizes and install and service the unit with very little involvement or interruption to our customers.

Shepherd Electric Company offers professional, courteous generator service in Birmingham. Our experienced electricians in Birmingham and Pelham will gladly take care of your emergency power needs. Not sure what you need? Don’t worry. Our technicians can provide a complete assessment of your situation and make comprehensive recommendations. We always want our customers to get the very best emergency power services. Contact us today to get safe and dependable generator services.